Ava’s Hummingbird

I’m sewing along this season of Project Run and Play! The challenge for week one is Put me in the Zoo. Really fun!

I decided to search for a list of Zoo animals to be inspired by and I gave this one a try! I ended up coming across Anna’s Hummingbird. I decided to do a subsequent Google image search to see what popped up and I came across this picture:



Soo gorgeous right?!
My mom’s name is Anna and we get frequent visits from these gorgeous birds in our backyard so I knew it’d be perfect!


To start off I used Oliver + S’s Apple picking dress as a basis. I lengthened everything to turn it into a blouse. It gets really really hot here in Phoenix in the summer so I made the blouse sleeveless. I decided to go with a classic black shirting fabric for the bodice and a really cool ombré black to grey fabric for the ties. I think it really captures the essence of the body of the bird in the photo!




To capture the essence of this birds amazing head feathers I decided to use this pink and purple Michael Miller fabric. I drafted a high waisted paper bag skirt that really showcases the print of the fabric. I added some cute black bow buttons to the blouse for good measure and called it a day!


I’m really pleased with the way this look turned out, and to top it all off Ava and I had quite the adventure during our photo shoot! We were walking through the neighborhood in front of a property that has gorgeous horses. I decided to take a few photos in front of their fence so we could see the horses grazing in the background. Meanwhile, the owner happened to drive by at the same exact time and invited us in to pet the horses. They even let Ava sit on one. Made our day!


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