Nine Layers Deep

Holy moly, it’s been a while!

Time is just flying by these days. I have a fun little outfit to share today though. I finally got my hands on the Little Things to Sew book and I’m super excited about it. One of the main reasons I wanted this book was for the tutu! I love all the cute versions I’ve seen throughout blog-land and Flickr.

I ordered a mother load of magenta pink 108″ wide tulle and bought a roll of light grey grosgrain ribbon and got to work. First of all, cutting and layering ALLLL that tulle was not what I would call fun. I actually used 9 layers of it… NINE! That is a lot of tulle for a little 19.5 inch waist. then when you account for having to gather 9 folded layers to fit 19.5 inches…lets just say my machine didn’t like me to much that night. I’m pretty sure it thought I was sending a finger under that needle it was so thick, it kept turning the safety mechanism on. We survived though. A super fun little project, and all that tulle payed off in the end…ITS SO FLUFFY!

I paired the tutu with the Swingset Blouse. I need to make like 20 more of these. I really love this pattern and its cute spaghetti straps. Living in phoenix is R O U G H in the summer. It gets well over 110 here and little blouses like these are so perfect for a summer wardrobe. I’m sure you’ll see a few more of these here this summer.

Anyway, I used a fun Lotta Jansdotter print called Tav White, it’s from her Silvia line, I got mine at a local store but you can find it here as well. I used pretty little mother of pearl heart buttons and sewed them on with neon pink thread for a tiny little pop of fun. I love this little outfit, Ava felt pretty prima ballerina in it which is always a plus in her book.

I’ll be back soon with a few more projects I’ve been working on, in the mean time, Follow me on Bloglovin!

10 thoughts on “Nine Layers Deep”

  1. Lovely. I love the swingset tunic but I haven’t bought the pattern yet and I think my girls are going to be too big for it very soon. Oh well. I love the colors your chose for your tutu and top.

  2. I love the color combination you went with! I’m going to have to hunt around and find that magenta tulle. Its so pretty. Your daughter is adorable!

  3. Such a gorgeous tutu. It was lovely to see your picture pop up in the Little Tings To Sew Cover to Cover Challenge group. Be warned, I bought the book for just one or two projects too!
    I have the Swingset pattern but haven’t made the blouse yet (the skirt is fantastic), yours is lovely.

  4. When I made the tutu my daughters bum hung out….eek!! I guess you didn’t have that problem??? Oh and did you alter the top? As always, BEAUTIFUL!!

    1. There is so much tulle in this tutu that it pretty much conceals the gap with its fullness but she definitely has to wear shorts underneath because when she bends down and what not, the gap opens! I actually didn’t alter the top at all, just tucked it in! Thank you, Heather!! 🙂

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