The 6th Birthday Blake Dress

Ava’s birthday has come and gone and now I have a six-year-old. As I type this I still cannot believe I’m the mother of a 6-year-old! It’s absolutely crazy how fast time flies by. It really is true what “they” say about the days being long and the years being short. I wouldn’t trade one minute of it for the world.I wanted to share a little bit about the outfit I made Ava for her birthday this year, a polka dot Blake dress and a blush faux fur vest. I wanted her birthday outfit to be  comfy, yet fancy (of course) and I’ve being really into muted tones lately so I thought it’d be really fun to see how I could incorporate that into her look.To start off, I knew I wanted to use the Blake dress pattern. For the fabric, I opted for a rose quartz colored organic french terry. I loved the feel and drape but alone it just didn’t seem wow enough for what I was going for. So, I grabbed some black polka dot mesh from Blackbird Fabrics and decided to use it as an overlay on top of the french terry. I LOVE the way the two pair together. The mesh unexpectedly gave the dress a really nice dimension. I cut the pattern in a straight size 5 and I didn’t stray at all from the pattern instructions. As expected, Mingo and Grace never disappoints.I didn’t originally make this vest to go with Ava’s birthday dress. In fact I made it a few months ago as seen in this instagram post

and she didn’t wear it on her actual birthday. Her party was at Peter Piper Pizza this year and an over sized fur vest just might have looked a touch overdressed for the occasion. Ha! But, when I was getting her outfit ready for our little birthday outfit photo session, I couldn’t help but try it on her to see how it would look. Aaaand I loved it! I designed this vest myself so I was pretty excited with how cute it looked on with her dress.All in all Ava’s birthday was a raging success. She had an amazing time, and looked super cute doing so. I already love the age six thus far and I can’t wait to witness all the growing and accomplishing she’ll do this year! I’m perpetually proud of this babe.Xx Meagan and Ava







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