The Simple Skater Dress

SONY DSCHonestly, I just LOVE Kitschy Coo’s Skater Dress pattern. It’s simple design, it’s ability to show off a great print, and the fact that it’s a simple sew are all amazing reasons to love this pattern.

SONY DSC It’s super comfy to wear. I never have a hard time getting Ava to put it on, in fact the floral one I made a while back is one of her all time favorite things to wear. Do you ever get in one of those, I need to make something right now moods?

SONY DSC I do, and its usually at the weirdest times and for no reason other than probably over perusing various sewing blogs and pinterest boards. HA! Well if you’re like me this is the perfect instant gratification project. Really it doesn’t take long at all to make, which is always lovely for us busy moms who need to fulfill their random intense sewing desires!

SONY DSC I used a knit fabric I got at warehouse fabric store when i was in EL Paso visiting relatives. Is anyone else as obsessed with textiles as i am? Seriously, looking through fabric stores I’ve never been in is my absolute FAV! I used a white ribbing for the neckband, and that’s about it. Super simple. Super fun. Instant gratification.


16 thoughts on “The Simple Skater Dress”

  1. very cute – easy knit dresses like this seem to be my daughters’ “go to” style – so easy and comfy (and i like that they don’t need to be ironed, ha!).

  2. Oh I wholeheartedly agree on the I-must-make-this-now kind of project. And, yep, fondling fabric is just the most fun I ever seem to have these days 🙂
    this is a fantastic dress. I’d wear it everyday too.

  3. A great dress! I need more instant gratification projects for my 5yr old! fabric warehouse in el Paso?? I grew up there, and still visit all the time, but didn’t know there was a fabric warehouse. Where is it?

    1. Thanks Karmela! It’s not the biggest warehouse, I guess I should say warehouse-ish. It’s in downtown and it’s called Telas de Rio Bravo. My parents grew up there also, I still have a bunch of family that lives there! 🙂

  4. Knit fabric is perfect for little girls! I just made the sleeveless version of RabbitRabbit’s “girl next door dress”. The grey and white suits your daughter – girlish and sophisticated at the same time! I think I’ll make the skater dress for the fall.

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